Features of Linux

In this tutorial, we will learn about the Features of Linux and we will also cover different topics related to Features. And, we will cover these topics.

  • Why do we use Linux?
  • Features of Linux
  • Linux Vs UNIX

Why do we use Linux?

  • It is an open-source Operating system that helps developers to design their own custom operating system.
  • Companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, use Linux to protect their main server because it is highly securable and stable.
  • Linux gives lots of options of programs that can use some different features.
  • It is a free server without a license, it can be installed on as many as we want to install on a system.
  • It is secure and doesn’t include malware and viruses.

Features of Linux

  • Open Source
  • Multitasking
  • Shell
  • Security
  • Multi-User
  • File System
  • Multi-Programming
  • Support Customized Keyboard
  • Live CD/ USB
  • Application Support
  • Portability
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI):

Open Source

It is open-source and freely available and with the feature of its open-source, we can customize the design of the operating system.


By multitasking feature we mean in Linux it can run more than one function at a time which divides the time speed of a CPU.


In Linux, Shell is the special interpreter program that is used to execute the commands.


In Linux it provides Security in three ways:

  • Authenticating(Login ID and Password)
  • Authorizing (Setting the permissions of Read, Write, Execute)
  • Encryption( Converts the file into the Unreadable format)


By Multi-user feature, we mean multiple users can access the system, hard disk, memory, etc.

File System

It provides a hierarchical structure and manages the files and directories.


Multi-programming is another feature in Linux that means we can run multiple applications at the same time.

Support Customized Keyboard

Linux is used around the world through which it supports different languages.


All the DistrOS provide with Live CD/USB where they set an option for a user to run/try the OS without installing it into our system.

Application Support

Linux has its own software repository where the users can install the applications and run them on the OS.


Linux supports different kinds of hardware.

Graphical User Interface (GUI):

Linux is basically a command-line interface but we can install the packages and convert it into the Graphical User Interface GUI.

Features of Linux
Features of Linux

Linux Vs UNIX

It is used by everyone and free to useIt is only used by its only copywriters.
It has different distributed operating systems like
Ubuntu, Fedora, Redhat.
Hp-UX, Sun Solaris
Linux is very in demand and it is used by anyone like
a student, developer, etc.
It is mainly used for servers and mainframes.
It is used in smartphones, laptops, cars, refrigerators, etcIt is used in servers workstations and PC’s
Linux is just a kernel onlyIt has the whole package of the operating system.
It is highly secured. (It has a list of 70-100 viruses listed)It is also highly secured(It has about 90-120 viruses listed)
It is free distributed and downloaded and easily ready to use.It is required to have the copywrites to use this.
The interface is of BASH.UNIX Originally use a Bourne shell.

So, in this tutorial, we discussed Features of Linux and we have also covered different topics. Here is the list of topics that we have covered.

  • Why do we use Linux?
  • Features of Linux
  • Linux Vs UNIX

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